May 03

About Hey Look, a Duck!

I’m just back from the Mom 2.0 blogger conference in Scottsdale, AZ which I attended as a sponsor. Meeting all of the amazing and inspiring bloggers there made me realize how much I miss actually sitting down and writing about things. And so, I decided to start this blog. You’re welcome!

Hey Look, a Duck is a collection of all of the things that I am interested in — social media (natch, since that’s what I do), food, books, dogs, and there will most likely be some posts dedicated to memes that crack me up (of which there are many). Since all of these things tend to be equally important to me, I couldn’t decide on one primary focus for my blog. Instead, I decided to let my blog mirror my life, where each of these things occasionally distracts me from all the others.

For now, there is just a duck. Did you see the duck? He’s up there in the header. Cute, right? I think I should name him. Maybe that will be in my next post.

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  1. Alice Markowitz

    I’m in ~ Melanie. Glad you are sharing your thoughts with those of us living beyond your zipcode.


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