May 12

7 Reasons Being Sick is THE BEST.

Okay, so maybe being sick isn’t really the best. In fact, it’s never really even good. I’ve been sick for 7 days now, so I fully admit that I’m just looking for bright sides here to stop me from intentionally overdosing on narcotic cough syrup being sad. That said, here is my list of 7 reasons (1 for each day I’ve been sick!) why being sick is THE BEST, in case you are in need of a similar bright side.

7. Narcotic Cough Syrup.

For real. It is the only thing that will allow me to sleep through the night and it also gets me nice and loopy but in a way that is all legal-like. You know, like a grown-up!

Leslie Knope

6. Princess Charlotte.

The new princess was born  just a few days prior to my illness, and being home sick allowed me to bask in all of the delightful absurdity that is the British Royal Family without worrying about my coworkers noticing what’s on my screen. So much royal watching….

Royal watching

5. Pajamas.

With the exception of a couple of days where I was delusional motivated enough to think I could actually do things and interact with people (like going to TEDx!), I have not been out of my jammies in a week. It’s glorious, if slightly alarming to the nose. Just kidding – I do occasionally shower! (Just kidding!)

Tina Fey Pajama Gif

4. Servants.

It turns out when I’m really sick on this current black plague level, my family becomes very good at bringing me things. Water, soup, sandwiches – I ask for it and it is brought to me. Now I just need to invest in a little bell so that this aspect of being sick will be even more satisfying next time around.

Granny rings a bell

3. Netflix.

7 days in and I am almost done with all 6 seasons of Lost (granted, I was already on season 4 when I fell ill). I also finished The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Watch it! It’s as wonderful as you’ve heard!). I have so much time to stream ALL THE THINGS what with not ever being able to leave my bed.


2. Books.

I’m participating in the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge this year, and this illness has given me time to squeeze some real reading in, as opposed to the usual audiobook listening that I do on my commute. While I love my audiobooks, I have definitely missed actual pages that you actually turn. This week I’ve been able to scratch Dead Wake by Erik Larson off my list. Check!

Gif from iCarly

1. Puppies.

Why would you want to get out of bed when these two snuggle monsters just want you to love them all day?



There, now. I think I’ve proven that while it might not actually be the best, being sick doesn’t have to be all bad. What do you think? Are there things you actually enjoy when you’re sick? Tell me about them in the comments.

Peace out, Brussels Sprout!

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